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Very Berry Frozen Yogurt

Closed in Belchertown, Massachusetts on January 18, 2016 but hopes to continue offering delicious Frozen Yogurt at it's new location coming soon

Hours of Operation until January 18, 2016

Sunday through Saturday

2:00 p

m to 9:00 pm

Please continue to view our website for further updates on our new home on the Cape . . .


145 North Main Street, Belchertown, MA 01007, Telephone 413 323-8100

"Home of 100 Toppings"

Very Berry Frozen Yogurt is proud to offer a variety of delicious frozen yogurts as a healthy alternative for satisfying your sweet tooth.

We take pride in our variety of flavors and toppings. Our frozen yogurts are certified live and active cultures with no added coloring, hormones, or antibiotics to ensure the highest quality and taste.

We offer a selection of non-fat, low-fat, sugar-free, gluten-free, non-dairy, and our all natural certified Greek yogurts are high in protein with a rich and creamy texture to keep you coming back for more.

Our over 100 variety of toppings of candies, chocolates, fresh fruits, nuts and berries were carefully selected to please all your carvings such as, an all fruit topping or a mixture of nuts and fruits, to the all time favorite of candies and chocolate topped off with our home made whip cream or one of our all natural sauces. Whatever the mood, moment, or occasion Very Berry Frozen Yogurt is here for you to indulge and enjoy with your family and friends

The objective of Very Berry Frozen Yogurt was to combined a happy atmosphere of bright colors, flickering lights, unique furnishings, music, and free Wi-Fi while you create your own cup, shake or cone.

So, get creative, be happy and enjoy at Very Berry Frozen Yogurt where the staff is always helpful and looks forward to your visit.

Very Berry Frozen Yogurt

"Home of 100 toppings"

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